Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday 5

Hey ya'll and happy Friday! We're over half way through March and almost to Spring - can you believe it? Today I'm linking up with the usual gang to share 5 things from the week. I hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend and I'll catch ya'll back here on Monday. Linking up with AprilKarliAndrea & Amanda so grab the buttons and join in on the fun! #TGIF

My sweet Andi girl. She is such a Mama's girl and a little comedian and seriously makes every single day better. I can't believe she is almost two ya'll! This week I made up for some lost hours and it really had me missing my sweet love muffin - looking forward to relaxing and spending all weekend with her!

Speaking of Andi turning two next month, I changed my mind last minute on her invite and ordered these instead. I find the pink and green way more fitting!

Not personalized to show example but how cute are these?!

So far so good on the 21 day fix ya'll. The work outs are fantastic and I love how they have the little countdown in the bottom corner so you know how much more time you have to go. There are so many good recipes on Pinterest and the portion containers are really great! Below is one of my favorite blog posts/recipes to try


We have a Spring wedding coming up next month and I'm so excited for wedding season to be back. At our age, I feel like weddings are few and far between so I always try to go! We have one on April 22nd and one in September so far this year. For the Spring one, I ordered this Lilly dress and I'm in love with the vintage cut of it!

Ya'll, Mama and I booked our 2nd annual girls beach house and I'm in full on countdown mode. Last year, even though we have our bay house, Mama decided she missed the OBX. I go every year with my husband's family and I even lived there for two summers so I wouldn't miss it for the world. We waited until September when the rates dropped and Mama and I rented a cute little oceanfront home in Southern Shores, NC. It was just Mom, Andi and myself and it was the best week ever. We've decided to do it again (duh, making it an annual tradition) but the original house was booked. We booked this slightly larger one instead so that if my sister or aunt etc. want to join later in the week, we have room! I seriously cannot wait! Bring on the OBX please!

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  1. Happy Friday, sweet friend! So much to smile about when reading this post! Andi melts my heart! That pic of you two is too sweet! Happy party planning! Those invites are super cute! I could not be any more excited for you with the girls getaway you have planned! It sounds (and looks!) perfect!! Enjoy your countdown, and your weekend!! xo - Brenda //

  2. Cannot get over that cute birthday party theme for that sweet girl! Love it! Happy Friday! xo

  3. I LOVE those tea invites! too cute! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. That getaway house looks amazing! I am loving those invites-they are so sweet and dainty!

  5. Yay for girl trips!! It's gonna be so much fun. That house looks amazing. I cannot believe Miss Andi is gonna 2. She is such a little doll.

  6. That girls trip sounds awesome!! Those invites for Andi's tea party look great too, pink and green is the perfect color combo!

  7. LOVE that dress you ordered, and your girls trip sounds like so much fun! And could Andi be any sweeter?! Looking forward to a relationship like that with Serena <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. Love that invite - so adorable and perfect! You go girl on the 21 day fix!!! I definitely want to hear about it when you finish :) I'm starting the 7 day slimdown from the Tone It Up program on Monday. Love the dress you bought and y'all are going to have so much fun at the beach house! Love that tradition :)

  9. What a sweet pic of you and Andi! I love the 21 day fix workouts too! How awesome you started a girls getaway tradition! Love that idea!