Wednesday, August 24, 2016

WHW: Fav Pins

Hey ya'll and happy what's hap-"pinning" Wednesday! Its been awhile since I actually made this post strictly about Pinterest finds so today that is exactly what I'm doing. I must admit that this is my FAVORITE time of year for Pinterest...the time when all the Fall pins on fashion, food and decor start to surface. Today I've rounded up some of my favs in a whole bunch of different categories. Remember to grab our button below and join in and link up! You can share whatever is happening in your life currently! I hope ya'll have a great rest of the week! 

Current Favorite Recipes:
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Favorite Home Pins: I love the giant kid photos and that mudroom is everything!

Favorite Crafts to try out:

Favorite Outfit Inspirations:

Fav Makeup Hacks:

Tips for Blue Eyes via


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Monday, August 22, 2016


Hey ya'll and happy start to a new week! I am so happy to be home, sipping coffee, feeling this lovely but random, no-humidy breeze and writing this post. Charleston was SO much fun this weekend but last night I was in bed by 8pm so I could catch up on sleep! Girl time is seriously good for the soul. I'm talking pool time with a giant blow-up champagne bottle, champagne in the amount of like 46 bottles, little black dress night, king street shopping and excellent food ya'll! There's really no place like Charleston. The architecture alone excites me more than anything else (haha I know..dork) I was able to finally try Husk for brunch and 82 Queen for dinner before we went out to a place called Calhoun's and then treated ourselves to bottle service at Republic. It was incredible! I was keeping my eye out for any Southern Charm casters but no luck ya'll, no luck.

We also hit up Tease salon and blow dry bar on King and I would recommend those ladies to anyone looking for fabulous hair and make-up! I felt like Miss America and was so sad to wash my face that night. Overall it was an ah-mazing weekend and to make today suck less as a Monday - its the annual Lilly Pulitzer after party sale so hurry up and get in line! I've scored 2 of my wish-list items so far but will be checking back tomorrow for more!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WHW: Randos

Hey ya'll and happy what's hap-'pinning' Wednesday! Grab our button below and join in on the fun! Also, keep my counterpart Jenn in your prayers this week if you don't mind. (love you girl!)

Today marks my 400th post and I'm literally celebrating by sharing all things randomly going on in my life from snaps to wishlist items. Andi has been killin' it lately on the sweetness and kisses and I love capturing those moments any chance I get. I know it won't last forever but I am so incredibly thankful that I have a sweet little snuggle bunny. I just have to share some of the snaps I've saved up. We took her to my parent's farm the other night and introduced her to the new baby cows and oh my heavens ya'll she yelled "moooo" every chance she got! It was absolutely hilarious and she loved riding the gator through the property.

Twitter has been pretty fabulous lately too! I love it - so easy to randomly connect with your fav celebs in real time! I'm no stranger to Chris Harrison (you know, we're total besties) and he just happened to like another one of my tweets during Bachelor in Paradise. Who's watching that hot mess with me? I can't get enough! Also, speaking of my favorite reality shows, Cameran from Southern Charm and I shared a mini convo too! I adore her and I swear she's my spirit animal! Season 4 better be on its way Bravo.... Lastly, I HAVE to order something with a pineapple monogram like these cocktail napkins and how cute is that confy tee below? I might have to order that as well! Alright, I think that covers all things random today. Ya'll have a great week!

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Monday, August 15, 2016


Ya'll - what a fun weekend! I'm all about a good wedding but I also just love a good ole' fashioned road trip with my hubby. We took the scenic route up to Northern VA to avoid the traffic of 95 and the drive was absolutely beautiful. My friend from college, Emily, got married on Saturday at the most beautiful, rustic chic venue. Even though there was a heat advisory (bless her) their ceremony was literally 10 minutes and nobody passed out! (haha) It was absolutely beautiful! The flowers and natural backdrop of mountains and hills made the photos stunning. It is always nice to have a mini Hollins reunion and see all of your college pals. Other than sporting a terrible hangover the next day, I'd say the weekend was perfect!

Getting back home Sunday afternoon and being reunited with Miss A after her trip to VA Beach was just the icing on the cake! Mama took her to my cousin's baby shower and she won the hearts of everyone there! Snuggles and cartoons made for a perfect Sunday evening. Now the countdown is on for another Hollins reunion to celebrate our friend Hannah's bachelorette in Charleston next weekend! Bring on Charleston (and no more hangovers....yeah...right) Linking up today with Biana and Meghan for Weekending!

Miss Andi celebrating baby Davis!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WHW: Table Setting

Ok ya'll,  I adore throwing a party or casual get together with friends and when it comes to the art of entertaining, it’s all in the details right? No really its simple and it definitely doesn't have to be scary! I have to admit that I'm already making a list of things I need for our annual Christmas party (this will be our 3rd one and it keeps getting bigger and bigger!) When thinking about decor and table set-up, the perfect tablescape may include gorgeous silverware and china, decorative chargers and a centerpiece, homemade crafts and accents or dollar section steals -- but what about the table setting itself? With so many rules and elements to think about, it can be difficult to know exactly how to set the proper table for your event.

Most of the time, you may not need to be so formal but sometimes its nice to know just in case you want to step it up. (there's even a proper way for laid back buffet style!) I want to start hosting a supper club type deal at our home so I've been looking at different ideas lately which led me to these helpful guides. To help you follow the right table setting rules, FTD created these excellent (and pin-worthy) guides that illustrate where each plate, fork, spoon, and wine glass belong in a proper table setting. They're perfect for pinning and saving for future reference! From formal to informal, and from basic to casual, there is a place setting that’s fitting for any occasion so go and check it out! Afterwards, you’ll be on your way to becoming the hostess with the mostest! With that said, cheers to you and your next event or dinner party! 

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