Wednesday, May 23, 2018

WHW: Fiesta!

Hey y'all! Welcome to another What's Hap-'pinning' Wednesday link up. I don't have much on the new (old) home front because we're still just in the process of taking down and removing all of the plaster. I'll report back next week!

On the flip side though, our weekend was jam packed. I've been prepping for weeks to host my friend's fiesta theme bridal shower and it was Saturday at our house. The theme was Monograms and Margaritas (which I also had for my bridal shower and let me tell y'all - a monogram shower is so worth it!) and although it was pouring outside, it was absolutely perfect. I used the Margarator to make frozen margaritas and also had some other options. On the menu we had mini tacos, chip & dip bar, fruit and grilled chicken. The cupcakes were even fiesta themed and so yummy! I'm so excited for their wedding and this was a great addition to the excitement surrounding their upcoming nuptials. (Love you Erika!)

After the shower I had some girlfriends come in from out of town that I went to high school with and we did a full blown dinner and girls night out on the town. With that said, everyone knows how Sunday went right? AWFUL! Gah I"m so old! My college friend swears that taking midol will reduce a hangover and I finally took her up on it. It worked! (I mean, it helped...) Once the house was back in order and everyone left, I headed to my in-laws to pick up Miss A and enjoy a good home-cooked meal. Luckily we always have the Monday after graduation off (I work at a University) so that was the perfect amount of relaxing and recovery time before meeting my parents out for dinner when the Hubs got off work.

For the rest of the week we're going to try and get some stuff done on the house and get those LVL beams ordered for the kitchen. Tonight we have our end of the year church picnic so I'm really excited for some good ole' fashioned fun and food this evening!

Also squeezed in mimosas for the royal wedding and then watched Miss USA on Sunday night - tell me your thoughts!

Thanks for linking up today

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

WHW: Demo Continues

Hey y'all! Ready for some more of my new demo day series? (I seriously need to order those demo day shirts and wear them every Wednesday now) We've been knee-deep (more like neck deep) in rubble and demo over the last week but my goodness the hubs and FIL have been kickin' some major b-u-t-t! Like I mentioned before, this time around we basically have to remove the plaster and can't just dry-wall over top of it in every room. Seeing this house go down to the studs and slats is such a crazy thing to watch! Its almost like you're building from scratch. We've exposed the future kitchen, living room, closet and hall bath and it looks insane! We've also successfully blown through the hall closet to form the future breezeway that will connect the master bedroom to the closet and bath. Its a pretty cool transformation!

Standing in future master closet and looking through new breezeway to master bedroom
- bath will be through left door in breezeway

The structural engineer was great and confirmed our original thoughts for the kitchen. We'll have to install a temporary support wall while taking out the load bearing one of course but afterwards we'll only need to put in two LVL beams (LVL beams are heavier than your standard lumber) around the center ceiling of the kitchen. Luckily these can be hidden and we get to avoid any type of vertical post like beams. He's going to send over the proposal so that in case its needed for a building inspector, we'll have it on hand. Ahhhh I can just see that kitchen starting to come to life! 

The beams pictured above will be removed to great one big room for kitchen

We also ran into a pretty pleasant surprise in the hall bath downstairs (best find of the week by far) We started to play around in there and rip up the rotted old vinyl and much to our surprise there was b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l hardwoods under there! We plan to turn that bath into a half bath with laundry included so this was a great score!

Ah I just love them! Woot woot! 

Just to give you an idea of how the plaster removal is going in the living room thus far - looks like a totally different space! The potential is unreal. This was the living room last week and then the after 'in progress' pics I took yesterday.


in progress 
Backside of living room that is now exposed to hall bath and kitchen beyond that 

Check back next week for more updates and thanks for linking up!

Monday, May 14, 2018


Hey y'all - happy Monday (hot and humid we skipped Spring in VA Monday...) I hope everyone had a fabulous Mother's day weekend. We spent 4 days at the bay and the weather was just perfect for sitting on a beach and totally doing nothing at all. Friday night my sister even came in and surprised us so it really was the best weekend getaway! We needed that sister bonding time and we both decided that we need to do it WAY more often. We drank way too much, stayed up way too late and ate so much seafood that I'm pretty sure I may turn into a crab soon. Also, the painting transformation on the house is absolutely b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! I LOVE it so far and cannot wait to see the finished product.

Come back on Wednesday to link up with Jenn and I for What's Hap-'Pinning' Wednesday. I'll be sharing some more of the new 'old' home demo series and progress thus far! Linking up today with Biana for weekending.

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Friday 5

Hey y'all and happy Friday! #TGIF I'm currently enjoying a nice and relaxing Mother's day weekend at the bay but I wanted to share 5 favorites today that have been on my radar lately. We're so addicted to renovation that even the bay house is getting a face lift. Our bay house has forever been known as the black house (I kid you not) it had just been like that since the early 1960's and it was easy to maintain with the shoreline weather. However, she is being spruced up as we speak! Anyway, I hope everyone has a fabulous Mother's day and I'll check in on Monday with a weekend recap and some pictures of the progress.

Have a great one y'all!

(Had to stop at 2 things bc forgot to finish post & now internet is struggling st the bay haha oops!)

1. This recipe for pimento cheese and chicken biscuits - I mean, they had me at pimento cheese

2. All things gingham lately

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

WHW: Demo Series

Hey y'all & Happy Wednesday. Today I'm sharing some updates we've made to our new project. (mostly on the demo side of things) We've taken out all of the radiators this time around because we plan to install new duct work throughout. (Can I get an Amen?!) and also can I just take a moment to tell y'all how much I adore central air? I know, you might be giggling right now and saying "um welcome to this century" but I haven't had it since 2013...I repeat...2013! I ADORED our old home, everyone knows that, but we didn't have central air. Of course we had window units during the summer and super tall ceilings but STILL y'all - not the same AT all! I turned it on for the first time the other day when it reached mid 90's outside and I just stood there taking in the smell, the feel, the sound. It was glorious. 

Anyway, I digress. So moving on to the next phase of demolition. We've started to take down all of the plaster and also take down the existing kitchen basically in its entirety. There are two stairwells and a supporting wall that we need to somehow get rid of to open up the space. We've decided to bring in a structural engineer and he is actually on his way here now. I'm hoping that even though the floor joists are running the opposite way, we can get away with a hidden (or exposed) beam or two and not have to have a post or column in the space but we'll see. In preparation for the engineer, here's what we've exposed in the potential kitchen so far.

He's smirking at my paparazzi skills!

Emma Jo decided to stop by and check out the place for the first time! Anyway, I'll keep y'all posted on how the engineer meeting goes. Afterwards we should have a pretty clear vision for the future kitchen. Thanks for linking up today!

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